Lusaka, Mutua in deal to set Bungoma as top tourist spot

Tourism and wildlife Cabinet Secretary (CS) Dr Alfred Mutua has acknowledged the rich cultural heritage of Bungoma county and pledged to make it among the best sites in the country.

Speaking in Bungoma jointly with Governor Ken Lusaka, Mutua urged devolved units across the country to develop cultural experiences that would not only attract tourists but also benefit local economies and empower communities.

The CS, noted the cultural heritage of the Luhya people brought into life through cultural songs, food, dance among others as some of the major avenues that could be attractive to tourists if properly harnessed.

On his part, Governor Lusaka acknowledged the wealth of opportunities within Bungoma’s borders – from its lush forests and serene waterfalls to its vibrant cultural heritage and welcoming communities.

Governor Lusaka pledged his full support, committing resources and manpower to turn these plans into reality.

He envisioned Bungoma becoming a beacon of sustainable tourism, showcasing the best of Kenya’s natural wonders while preserving them for generations to come.

His sentiments were echoed by the CS who said that the same can be replicated in other counties for their benefit and the larger Kenyan nation.

Mutua was accompanied by the Principal Secretary, the State Department of Wildlife, Ms. Sylvia Museiya.

The CS cited Nabuyole falls within Webuye saying this is a gem waiting to well and fully utilized.

“The falls and the area around it could be developed as a hiking site. We are ready to support the county Government in such a venture,” he said.


Other areas the CS promised collaboration and support is in the improvement of infrastructure including construction of Matulo airstrip, support for the luhya cultural and food festival and marketing of the ‘Kamabeka” dance as an authentic cultural offering.

“Western Kenya boasts a rich cultural heritage, including traditional music, dance, and ceremonies. Leveraging these cultural assets can create unique tourism experiences and generate revenue for local communities,” said Dr. Mutua

The CS visited the Sangalo cultural centre and Buteyo Miti Park conservancy.

Dr Mutua emphasized the importance of protecting the region’s rich biodiversity and wildlife habitats while simultaneously harnessing them for responsible tourism development.

Tourism in Western Kenya presents immense potential for economic growth and development but it faces numerous challenges hindering its full realization.

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