CS Kuria Apologizes to Raila Odinga; Government Moves to Triple Rent For Civil Servants & MPs Absolve Ruto’s Government From Blame in Fake Fertilizer Saga

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The government has released Sh23 billion for capitation to public secondary schools ending the prolonged financial crisis, which threatened to disrupt operations at the institutions.

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu assured that the funds would be deposited before the end of the week, emphasizing the government’s unwavering commitment to the education sector.

Machogu refuted claims of slashed allocations, affirming that capitation per student remains at Sh22,240. He stressed the constitutional importance of maintaining this allocation, underlining the government’s dedication to ensuring the success of education programs.

This timely disbursement, though coming just a week before the end of the first term, brings relief to principals nationwide. They have long been advocating for the release of funds to avert disruptions in school operations.

Machogu, speaking at Henry Kosgey Kibukwo Secondary School, urged prudent expenditure of the funds. He highlighted the government’s efforts to improve education quality, citing the employment of 56,750 teachers last year and plans to hire an additional 20,000 this year to address staffing gaps.

The release of funds addresses concerns raised by school principals about potential disruptions to critical activities in the school calendar and challenges in paying suppliers. The move has been welcomed by the Kenya National Union of Teachers, which had warned of a potential crisis in schools due to delayed disbursements.

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CS Kuria apologizes to Raila Odinga


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