Peter Wanyama Best Bet for LSK President – Danstan Omari

Nairobi top-notch lawyer Danstan Omari has expressed confidence that the new leadership under Peter Wanyama if elected will transform the Law Society of Kenya (LSK).

Speaking at the LSK offices shortly after Wanyama presented his papers as the next president ahead of the next month’s polls, Omari said the current and the previous regime failed to articulate issues that affected legal practitioners.

Omari said that, for such big organization to be recognised across the world, it should be headed by someone who has the interest of the public and the legal family at heart.

“This LSK has failed on numerous occasions because of poor leadership. How some of brokers can work on behalf of lawyers in this country remain a mystery. We need a leader who can protect the interests of our members who are suffering out there especially this upcoming lawyers,” said Omari.

In what appeared to be support for Wanyama who is seeking to replace Erick Theuri as the LSK chair, Omari asked all lawyers across the country to vote in Peter Wanyama given that he is young and vibrant and has members and people’s interest at heart.

Peter Wanyama, an LSK presidential candidate, has been seen as the main man and will be facing other contestants like Caroline Kamende, Harriet Mboco among others in the hotly contested poll scheduled for February 22, 2024.

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