Ruto’s Top CS is a Joker, Fire Him Now, Firebrand MP Demands

Pressure is mounting on President William Ruto to sack his Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndung’u.

Members of Parliament have trained their guns at the CS and are baying for his blood as they accuse him of delaying the release of CDF money which they use to help their constituents.

Speaking during an interview on Mulembe FM on Wednesday, January 10, Westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi termed the CS as a joker who need to be kicked out of office immediately.

He said the CS had promised to release the funds in 24 hours but he has been going in circles ever since.

“As MPs, we are putting him on notice that we will impeach him because there is nothing he is doing,” warned Wanyonyi.

The MP said that CDF money has to be released to assist in the education of school going children and rubbished claim that there is no money.

“The government has the ability to collect money and we don’t want to hear that there is no money. If the CS has no ability to deliver, then he must be axed and another one with ability to raise money given chance to,” he said.

“We will help the president in removing the treasury CS if he is unable to do so himself,” he said.

National Treasury cabinet secretary Njuguna Ndung’u

He argued that former president, the late Mwai Kibaki used a very short time to turn around the economy of the country but the current administration is just full of empty promises and now has resorted to blaming the judiciary.

“The government should start to become serious. We want them to tell us openly why they have not released education sector funds,” he said.

On how MPs will go about the impeachment of the CS, he noted that parliamentary strength will not be about parties but as a whole Parliament.

He said it only needs a simple majority to have the CS kicked out, revealing that the motion to kick out the CS is being sponsored by the government side.

He revealed that all MPs are being affected and exuded confidence that all will be in support of the impeachment motion.

At the same time, he condemned police officers who recently disrupted a street birthday celebration in honour of ODM leader Raila Odinga.

He said even if it was due to an order from their bosses, they would have used wisdom to deal with the situation instead of firing tear gas at those attending the party.

He said there is a certain fear about Raila, claiming any little gathering in the name of the Azimio boss sends shivers through the spine of government.

Instead of sending police to disrupt such event, he said, Ruto should have even called and wished Raila well on his special day.

According to him, it is not Raila but Kenyans who are tired with the Kenya Kwanza administration and thus the growing revolt.

At the same time, he rubbished claims that opposition is sponsoring cases against Kenya Kwanza plans as being propagated by the government led by Ruto.

“It is not us. It is the people. There is no Azimio hand,” he said. “It’s the citizens of Kenya themselves,” he added.

Courts are there as an arbiter and, especially to check on the Executive, he argued.

“The government has its lawyers led by the Attorney general. It should consult them and know where the problem is instead of inciting the public against the Judiciary in public pronouncements,” he said.

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