Worldcoin Iris Scans ‘Victims’ Report Eye Problems, MP Says; CS Kindiki Bans Idlers, Riders From Nyayo House & Raila’s Poisoned Chalice in Clause Ruto Team Inserted in Agreement

One of the most ignored things across the world is the terms and conditions section of services and goods.

The lengthy write-up that outlines the T&Cs is usually off-putting to most of us, and sometimes manufacturers and service providers go to the extent of making sure we do not want to read these important notes by using extremely small fonts.

We then go ahead to sign off on all manners of clauses, including some that encompass privacy breaches.

This is mainly the case within the tech space, especially in free-to-use apps and software that access our data and day-to-day patterns to then sell the same to advertisers based on your interests and preferences.

A wise man once said that if the product is free, you are the product.

This is a call for you to revisit all the agreed terms and conditions for your favourite items or services, as well as the permissions granted to software installed on your electronics.

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Worldcoin Iris Scans ‘Victims’ Report Eye Problems, MP Says

Some of the people whose irises were scanned to collect data by an American firm are experiencing optical problems, a parliamentary committee heard yesterday. Kisumu East MP Shakir Shabir claimed five people who were scanned had reported eye problems which they blamed on the scanning.

Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha said she could not ignore the claims since the ministry was not aware of the devices used to scan the irises.

CS Kindiki bans idlers, riders from Nyayo House

The National Treasury has set aside Sh1.3 billion for the Immigration Department to enable it upgrade its equipment and therefore improve service delivery.

At the same time, the boda boda riders and people who idle around Nyayo House, Immigration’s headquarters, will no longer be allowed in the area, with administration police ordered to clear all crowds in the vicinity.

Raila’s Poisoned Chalice in Clause Ruto Team Inserted in Agreement

A clause in the framework agreement signed between President William Ruto and Opposition leader Raila Odinga could prove to be a poisoned chalice for the former Prime Minister in the bi-partisan talks.

Opposition politicians are reading mischief in the clause that stipulates that the National Dialogue Committee will submit “a list of agreed and unagreed issues” to Parliament for consideration.

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