How Mandago’s Former Chief Officer Sneaked out of the Country Before Arrest; Former Uhuru’s CS Goes Back To University Job & Referendum Looming as Agreement of Azimio and KK is Exposed

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Earlier in the week, Kenyans on a popular food Facebook page lost their money to a sly con person.

The crook had shared a post on celebrating a child’s birthday using some sh10 heart cakes, regretting that she could not afford a bigger, fancier cake for her cute daughter.

The post got many group members in their feelings, with multiple cake and shopping sponsorship offers emerging.

A few hours later, another group member emerged announcing the child in the photo was her daughter, with concrete proof.

And just like that, Kenyans once again fell for the most popular trick in the con-manship 101 handbook: Sob stories.

Con people are well aware of the things that appeal to our emotions, and suffering children top that list.
This is why we must be cautious with whatever information we consume online, especially on fundraisers and contributions.

As generous as one might be, perhaps it is wiser to start by helping out people you know, people you can actually see, instead of losing your hard-earned money to faceless online strangers who are more often than not, people running illegitimate hustles.

After all, charity begins at home.

Here are the stories making headlines today:

How Mandago’s former chief officer sneaked out of the country before arrest

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has reported that one of the suspects wanted in connection to the alleged misappropriation of the Uasin Gishu County Overseas Education programme fled the country.

The DCI released a statement on Wednesday, August 16, following the arrest of Uasin Gishu Senator Jackson Mandago, the programme’s Deputy Director and Trustee Meshack Rono and Joshua Kipkemboi.

Former Uhuru’s CS Goes Back To University Job, Operates From Karen House A Year Later

Fred Okengo Matiangi is the name. He is the man that called the shots in government during ex-president Uhuru’s tenure. In a compilation done by the People Daily, it sought to find out how the former CSs had been fairing on with their life one year later after a new administration came into place.

For Fred Matiangi, he went back to his former job at the State University of New York and now he just works from his house in Karen. He also occasionally travels to New York for work-related engagements.

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Referendum Looming as Agreement of Azimio and KK is Exposed

A day after the Majority leader in the National Assembly Kimani Ichung’wah and his counterpart from the minority side Opiyo Wandayi tabled a motion on the bipartisan talks between the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance and Kenya Kwanza Alliance, experts and political leaders have expressed mixed reactions.

The motion seeks to legalize the talks between the two coalitions, a decision that came after the two sides met on Monday at the Bomas of Kenya.

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