Ruto to Appoint Uhuru in Crucial Docket; Prepare For Higher Taxes on Mitumba -CS Kuria Says & LSK, Lobby Group Sues Ruto Over ‘Oppressive’ Colonial Law

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In a move seen to revitalize the blocked Building Bridges Initiative(BBI), National Assembly Majority leader Kimani Ichung’wah has tabled a motion seeking to have the committee on bi-partisan talks formally constituted by both Houses of Parliament.

The National Dialogue Committee has 60 days to submit a report on its deliberations in Parliament, the leader said.

In the Motion, Ichung’wah stressed the need to establish an inclusive forum for dialogue, consultation and consensus building that will promote the peace, stability and prosperity of the country.

The Motion is expected to be tabled in the Senate once it resumes its sittings next Tuesday.

This new development and the newly reinstated fuel subsidy seem to borrow a leaf from the previous government led by Uhuru Kenyatta.

What do you think of the latest developments in the National Dialogue?


Meanwhile, here are news stories making headlines on Opera News today; 

Prepare for higher taxes on ‘mitumba’, Trade CS Moses Kuria says

Second-hand clothes traders in the country will be hit with higher taxes if a government proposal to increase duty on the imports goes through.

In what the government says is a move aimed at reviving the country’s ailing cotton industry, Investment, Trade and Industry Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has proposed the imposition of 25 per cent duty on imported garments, including second-hand ones, popularly known as mitumba.

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Legal Battle Looms as LSK, Lobby Groups Sues Ruto’s Gov’t Over ‘Oppressive’ Colonial Law

After days of lauding police officers for countering anti-government demonstrations, President William Ruto is now facing a legal battle with the law society of Kenya and lobby groups over how they handled Azimio la Umoja one of Kenya Coalition’s maandamanos.

As relayed by a report covered in Wednesday’s Standard publication, the LSK and lobby groups including Kenya Union of Journalists, Katiba Kenya and the international commission of jurists have sued Ruto’s government over the use of oppressive colonial laws against those alleged to be organizers of anti-government demonstrations.

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Ruto Allegedly Agree to Appoint Uhuru in Crucial Docket as Details of Looming UhuRuto Handshake Leak

Taifa Leo Newspaper has reported that President William Ruto has agreed to extend an olive branch to his former boss Uhuru Kenyatta by appointing him as Kenya’s Ambassador for Peace-Keeping Role in African Union even as it emerged that Uganda President Yoweri Museveni is brokering a truce between the two Political antagonists.

In the report by the Local publication, it has emerged that Ruto, cognizant of the fact that Uhuru is kinda young and still commands a fanatical following in the Political Arena is considering adding some duties to him.

But those aware of the two leaders’ meeting (which took place on separate dates) have alleged that Ruto requested Uhuru to support him in delivering on Kenya Kwanza manifestos at has been the case in the past 10 years when Ruto worked With Uhuru.

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