Inside Azimio’s 3 Dialogue Demands to Ruto; Daring Lecturer Corrects Ruto ‘Poor’ English & Main Reason Why Ruto Wants to Meet Raila

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It is on a chilly Thursday and the dust on Azimio’s violent chaos seems to have finally settled for a moment.

While President William Ruto has officially extended an invite to Raila Odinga for a talk, Raila’s camp has ruled out any talks with Kenya Kwanza without a mediator.

Speaking on Wednesday, Raila said Ruto is not somebody who can trust and that he keeps changing words hence the need for a mediator between them.

He, however, insisted that he is ready to talk if there is a mediator between them. On his part, Ruto has not discussed the need for a mediator, with his allies rubbishing Raila’s handshake-like talks.

Do you think Raila is justified in calling for a mediator between them?

Here is the news making headlines today on Opera News App;

Inside Azimio’s 3 Demands to Ruto Including Cabinet Reshuffle to Accommodate 3 Allies of Raila Odinga

Having turned Ruto’s offer of face to face meeting, it seems Raila Odinga’s ked Azimio la Umoja one Kenya Coalition is in secret plans of engaging in talks with Ruto’s government.

As relayed by a report covered on Thursday’s standard publication, Azimio la Umoja via their team which comprises of three members is allegedly proposing the establishment of the office of the official opposition leader.

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Daring University Lecturer Corrects President Ruto ‘Poor’ English

Willice Ochieng corrects Ruto English

Just who dares correct the President’s English? Well, linguist Willice Ochieng, who is also a linguistics lecturer, yesterday did the unthinkable: he clinically deconstructed President William Ruto’s grammar in a tweet he posted as he left for a state visit to Tanzania.

Never mind that the country he was traveling to is not so much known for its strength in English.

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Main Reason Why Ruto Wants to Meet Raila

Kenyans have reacted after renowned political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has alleged why President William Ruto is certainly ready to meet with the opposition leader honorable Raila Odinga.

Before giving his reason, Ngunyi has first told Raila to respond to Ruto using Twitter that he is busy for them to meet because the president using the same platform to make pass his communication.

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