Raila Makes a Last-Minute Tactical Change Ahead of Tomorrow’s Protests; ‘I Was Hired to Kill Tom Osinde’, Prime Suspect Julius Mogoi Tells Police & Relative of Top Gov’t Official Wrestled to The Ground By Female MP

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This week has been rough on our government, with the delivery of unfavourable court rulings on some of the actions taken by President William Ruto.

On Wednesday, the court extended the ban on the implementation of the punitive Finance Act 2023, meaning the government has to find alternative sources of the much-needed revenue until a final decision is made.

Then there was Monday’s declaration of the illegality of the CAS positions created for government allies, a move that was met with celebration from Kenyans who would have had to dig deeper into their pockets to sustain the flashy lifestyles of these officials.

Government insiders, however, were vexed by this decision, led by Senator Samson Cherargei who launched a scathing attack on the Judiciary for the decision.

The UDA bigwig went as far as reminding the Judiciary of the huge budgetary allocation handed to them by the President, evoking the question of whether it was meant to be a bribe.

Interestingly, 3 days later, no one in the senior government ranks has come out to chastise the Senator for his remarks, which probably means that this is the unfortunate stand of the entire administration.

Why dish out pain on Kenyans if you cannot take some of the pain yourself?

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Raila Makes a Last-Minute Tactical Change Ahead of Tomorrow’s Protests

With the former prime minister Raila Odinga expected to lead the anti-government demonstrations tomorrow from Kamukunji grounds, a report covered by Taifa Leo has exposed his last-minute tactical change in order to counter Ruto’s government.

As relayed by Taifa Leo, the former prime minister Raila Odinga has now directed his mass action demonstrations at the grassroots after allegedly being banned in Nairobi.

According to the report, Mr Odinga has left the assignment to his trusted men who will now lead the anti-government demonstrations at the grassroots.

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‘I was hired to kill Tom Osinde at his Nakuru home’, prime suspect Julius Mogoi tells police

Former Treasury official Tom Fred Mokaya Osinde was killed at his home in Nakuru City’s Ngata Estate before his body was transported to Kisii County and dumped in the Gucha River.

Detectives investigating the murder have revealed that Osinde’s body was transported to Kisii, several kilometres from his Ngata home, in his Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 vehicle.

According to a senior detective at the centre of the murder probe, investigators found blood stains in his house.

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Relative of Top Gov’t Official Pounced on, Wrestled to The Ground By Female MP After Doing This

Details published by a local publication state that the relative of a senior government official had a rough time at Kisumu international airport.

It is reported that a female legislator wrestled him to the ground in front of other VIPs who were waiting to board a plane to the capital city.

It has been reported that the senior government official’s relative, known for his arrogance and name-dropping, confronted a male legislator in the company of a female colleague.

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