Ruto Speaks on Running Mate and Big Announcement He’ll Make Soon; Kenyan Doctors’Blunder Left my Daughter Blind – Raila & How Uhuru Intends to Cut Ruto’s Influence

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It is exactly a day after what Kenyans believe is a special day to honour loved ones but many can now think it has been commercialised.

A survey done by one of the local dailies revealed that a majority of Kenyans spent between Ksh 1,000 and Ksh 4999 on gifts on Valentine’s day while a few mostly referred to as the big bosses spent between Ksh 5,000 and Ksh 10,000.

The day nonetheless did not interfere with the country’s politics as details emerge on how President Uhuru Kenyatta is relentless in ensuring the former premier Raila Odinga succeeds him by nipping his deputy in the bud.

It has now emerged that the president has lined up a litany of charges that he intends to unleash to the court of public opinion to discredit his principal assistant.

Unlike in the past when he ignored attacks from the Deputy President and his surrogates, Uhuru is this time leaving no one with a chance; with his allies telling Kenyans to expect more salvos directed at Ruto.

It is believed that the president will share details of the fallout with his deputy that will discredit him and his bid to succeed him.

Meanwhile, here are news making headlines on Opera News today:

Kenyan doctors’ blunder left my daughter blind— Raila

ODM leader Raila Odinga has opened up about his daughter Rosemary’s illness, for the first time revealing a  mistake by Kenyan doctors that interfered with her eyesight.

On Sunday, Raila explained the circumstances that led to Rosemary’s eyesight complications and plunged the family into distress and desperate attempts to help her.

He spoke in an interview with Asian News International while on his trip to India.

Raila was expected to jet back into the country on Monday after his 10-day trip abroad, including India where he took his daughter for medical review.

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How President intends to nip Ruto in the bud

Determined to ensure his estranged Deputy William Ruto does not succeed him, President Uhuru Kenyatta has lined up a litany of charges which he intends to unleash in the court of public opinion to discredit his Principal Assistant.

Sources in the President’s inner circle intimated to People Daily that the President intends to expose Ruto’s soft belly before voters and call for his rejection at the August 9 General-Election.

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Ruto Finally Speaks on his Running Mate and the Big Announcement he Will be Making to Kenyans Soon

Deputy President William Ruto has disclosed that he will be announcing the name of his running mate this coming month.

According to details by the Star newspaper on Tuesday, the second in command will announce his running mate late next month that is late in March.

This will be in an event that has been dubbed as a bombshell to the country because so many Kenyans have been waiting on deputy president William Ruto to announce his running mate so anxiously.

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