Another Lockdown Looming After Yesterday’s COVID-19 Meeting; Top CSs to Abandon Uhuru’s Work and Join Politics & Man Found Dead on the Road After Night Party

Good Morning Kenyans.

It is the second week of last month of the year and the political fever in the country is on the rise.

Things in the Hustler Nation camp took an interesting turn after Kandara MP Alice Wahome made a new confession.

It was reported that Wahome has thrown herself into the mix of wanting to be Deputy President William Ruto’s running mate come 2022.

Kandara MP Alice Wahome during a past function

Further information revealed that the lawmaker remarked that Ruto’s second in command should be a female leader.

The vocal politician also noted that the reason she is the perfect person for the position, is because she has fought and stood with the DP.

The MP’s new move comes weeks after Mathira MP Richard Gachagua was alleged to be Ruto’s choice for the coveted position.

This brings about the big question, is Wahome qualified to deputise DP Ruto?

These are the news making headlines on the Opera News App:

Another Lockdown Looming As New Details Emerge After Yesterday’s COVID-19 Meeting

The Covid-19 Pandemic has continued to cause menace and havoc across the world with many countries struggling to contain the deadly virus that has claimed thousands of innocent lives in different parts of the world.

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Top CSs to Abandon Uhuru’s Work and Join Politics, Leaves the President in a Dilemma

New report has revealed President Kenyatta’s big dilemma as his top Cabinet Secretaries are headed to politics and have about two months to resign.

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Makueni: Man Found Dead on the Road After Night Party

Officers from the Serious Crime Unit of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Makueni are investigating circumstances under which a 28 year-old man was murdered early Monday morning after a night party.

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