Uhuru Disappointed During Mombasa Meeting After Leaders Turned Down His Offer; State Blocks Direct Foreign Funding to IEBC & I Have Big Dossier on DCJ Mwilu That I’m Yet to Unleash – DPP Haji Claims

Good morning Kenyans.

It is the second week of the eighth month of the year that has been full of twists and turns in the political arena.

Deputy President William Ruto for another seven days running has been the man on the spotlight.

Ruto made the headlines indirectly after the Turkish businessman Harun Aydin was arrested at the airport.

Deputy President William Ruto

Reports suggested that DCI detectives had laid a trap for the foreigner after he jetted into the country from Uganda.

According to leaders allied to the DP, it was alleged that Harun was apprehended due to his association with the former URP party leader.

He was, however, deported days later under unclear circumstances.

This brings the big question, was it fair for the man to be kicked out of the country in such a manner?

These are the news making headlines on Opera News App today:

No Relief For Uhuru As Key Leaders In Yesterday Meeting Allegedly Turned Down His Generous Offer

The 2022 presidential elections are just around the corner with several candidates expressing interest in taking over from President Kenyatta when his term comes to an end in 2022.

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State Blocks Direct Foreign Funding to IEBC Ahead of 2022

The government has locked out foreign entities from providing technical support to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission during the 2022 general election.

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I Have Big Dossier on DCJ Mwilu That I’m Yet to Unleash – DPP Haji Claims

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has said the ongoing investigations against Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu are just a tip of the ice burg, adding that more is yet to come.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta held a closed door meeting with ex-NASA principles ahead of the 2022 poll.

Reports suggested that the agenda of the meeting was to reunited the leaders who had fallen out with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Further information stated that Uhuru advised the group to find a strategy to work together and clinch the top seat next year.

This leaves one wondering, does Raila and company stand a chance of beating Ruto in 2022?

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