Haji Takes Many Secrets to the Grave; MP Osoro and Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi Freed & Goodies Tahidi High’s Omosh Has Received

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Remember back in school, where teachers used to determine a person’s sitting position, or worthiness to go on a trip through their behavior and association?

Well, the same seems to be happening in our political space as 2022 draws closers.

On Monday, Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi and MP Sylvanus Osoro were branded the black sheep of the political ‘class’, with, presumably, the Deep State, ensuring that they did not attend the ‘funkie’, which, in this case, was the final send-off for Mzee Simeon Nyachae.

The two were whisked away from the venue early in the morning, due to suspicions that they were planning to disrupt the service that was attended by the Head of State, among other top government officials.

Isn’t it sad that our politics have come to such low levels of intolerance, suspicion, and violence?

Speaking of sadness, February seems to have inherited the Year 2020’s bad luck.

Yesterday, two politicians, Senator Yusuf Haji and MP John Oyioka passed away, on the day that Mzee Nyachae was buried.

Musician Kambua also announced the loss of her second-born son, who was buried late last week, and many lives have been lost through road, and plane accidents this month.

So as we start off the week, let us all take time to condemn the spirit of bad luck and invite God’s Holy presence into our nation at large.

Here are the stories making headline on Opera News today:

Venerable Haji takes many secrets to the grave

Mohamed Yusuf Haji

Soft-spoken Garissa Senator Mohamed Yusuf Haji was a firm provincial administrator-turned-politician who occupied the inner sanctums of power for 50 years.

Haji worked closely and in influential positions with the country’s four presidents and took many secrets to his grave.

He died at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi on Monday. He was 80.

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MP Osoro and Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi freed

Joash Maangi

Kisii County Deputy Governor Joash Maangi and South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro have finally been set free.

Maangi was transferred back to Kisii Police Station from Oyugis, Homabay County in a CID van before he was set free.

He had spent over 8 hours in the police hands.

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Check Out All The Goodies Tahidi High’s Omosh Has Received

The troubled Omosh

One thing that is unquestionable about Kenyans is without a doubt their generosity. Time and again, Kenyans have restored faith in humanity by coming through for people in need.
The latest personality to receive overwhelming support is former Tahidi High star actor Joseph Kinuthia Kamau alias Omosh.

Last week, the comedy actor went public about his predicament revealing he was out of work and out of money and needed help.

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Rwanda is the first Eastern African nation to begin the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine. When do you think will be Kenya’s turn, and what kind of scandal should we expect this time around? 

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