Dr Mogusu’s Last Message to Colleagues Before His Death; Insider Reveals Secret Talks Between Uhuru-Ruto Operatives & Uhuru On Whether Kenyan Youth Should Marry Or Make Money First

Good morning,

Where did we go wrong as a country in terms of leadership?

It is quite worrying to see medics planning industrial action during such crucial times when we are fighting coronavirus, while the government just stands by and pushes its own agenda.

One would think that with the infection and unfortunate passing away of politicians due to COVID-19, their colleagues would be at the forefront of doing everything humanly possible to keep healthcare workers happy, knowing they might also fall victim to the virus.

But no, our esteemed leaders are out there pushing for a constitutional referendum, which they say should cost the country just sh2 billion.

Imagine what difference sh2 billion would make in the health sector!

If not catering for better pay of our medics, then the funds can at least go a long way in the procurement of the much needed protective medical gear for them.

We don’t mean to be prophets of doom, but if we don’t make better leadership choices in the coming years, we are doomed.

Meanwhile, here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Death Bed Plea: Dr. Mogusu’s Message to Colleagues Before Final Bow

The late 28-year-old doctor Stephen Mogusu

Details have emerged on an emotional message 28-year-old doctor, Stephen Mogusu, sent to his colleagues after he contracted Covid-19 and his health started deteriorating.

Mogusu, who died of Covid-19 on Monday, December 7, expressed his frustration with the mismanagement in the health sector that has seen a section of doctors serve for nearly five months without a salary despite working on the frontline in the battle against the deadly virus,

The youthful doctor had been serving in Machakos County under the Universal Health Coverage(UHC) pilot program which is run by the Ministry of Health.

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Insider Reveals Secret Talks Between Uhuru & Ruto Operatives

President Uhuru and Deputy President William Ruto.

A secret meeting between President Uhuru Kenyatta’s team and Deputy President William Ruto’s camp took place on Sunday, December 6, Senate Majority Whip Irungu Kanga’ta disclosed.

The Murang’a Senator, a close ally of President Kenyatta, added that ODM leader Raila Odinga was privy to the meeting which centered around finding a concession for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

“I informed Odinga through Minority Leader James Orengo and they are fine with the talks,” Kang’ata stated.

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Uhuru On Whether Kenyan Youth Should Marry Or Make Money First

President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday engaged Kenyan youth on a number of subjects during the launch of the ‘Kenya ni Mimi’ initiative at the Bomas of Kenya.

The talk included a Q&A session where one of the attendees asked the Head of State about marriage and financial stability. One Bernard asked Uhuru whether young Kenyans should seek financial stability first then marry or vice versa.

The President let out a chuckle before having his say on the delicate topic.

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What message do you have for President Uhuru Kenyatta as he goes on leave after the Jamhuri Day celebrations?

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