A Week in a Minute: 5 Hot Stories That Made The Headlines This Week

Have you ever heard of the saying, “only the tough weather the roughest situations”?

Probably not, because we just made it up.

In a world where social support systems are almost dead and every man is now for himself, it is necessary to become your own inspiration, and this includes coming up with your own random motivation quotes like we just did!

Meanwhile, as we wrap up the first week of November, below are the hottest stories that hit the headlines:

The Unexpected US Election Outcome

Honestly speaking, we did not envision a situation where former US Vice President Joe Biden would take and maintain a lead during the counting of presidential votes.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden

Perhaps this is because we are used to the African political environment where Presidents rule for at least two terms without a maximum limit.

Well, counting is still underway and although experts maintain that there is still hope for Trump, the writing is already clear on the wall.

Kenyan Election Pundits

It seems Kenyans are more concerned over the US election than Americans themselves!

Memes and “expert opinions” were the order of the week on Kenyan social media, with most netizens trolling President Donald Trump.

US President Donald Trump

Some consoled the seemingly losing party with the local Tharaka Nithi phenomena, noting that since some of Trump’s strongholds had not yet finished counting votes, there was still hope of Joe Biden losing his early lead.

This, however, only seems to be applicable in Kenya.

America’s ‘Raila’

Still on matters US election, as early as the first day of votes tallying, Trump had already threatened to go to the Supreme Court over what he termed as being cheated out of victory via illegal votes.

Does that statement sound familiar?

ODM leader Raila Odinga during a past meeting

In 2017, our very own ODM leader Raila Odinga also took to the Supreme Court with rigging accusations against the electoral body, taking us to a repeat election.

Kenyans were thus, armed with ample advice to Americans and Trump on what to do if such a situation arose, including one Miguna Miguna who offered his legal services to the incumbent!

Coronavirus Hits Schools Hard

Parents remain conflicted on whether the decision to reopen schools for candidate classes was the right one.

An empty classroom

This uncertainty was amplified this week after dozens of students contracted the virus in two high schools.

At Bahati Girls in Nakuru, 68 students tested positive, while at Busia’s Kolanya High, 52 cases were reported.

Zari’s return to Tanzania

Away from politics and pandemics, Tanzania’s ‘ex-first lady’ Zari Hassan is back in the country, and social media can’t keep calm.

Zari and Diamond during a past interview

Although she maintains that she only went there to give her kids Tiffah and Nillan time with their father, Diamond Platnumz, fans hope that the visit will result in a Zari-Diamond reunion.

Meanwhile, the East Africa baby daddy has been accused of neglecting his other children, with Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha Donna, who have in the past accused him of being a deadbeat dad.

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