Politician Hides Entire Family in Police Station; How Raila Odinga Survived Assassination Attempt On Ngong Road & Why Evening Classes, Holiday Tuition Might Return Next Year

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How cool is it that the US has elected its first-ever female vice president?

Forget the fact that Kamala Harris is a mix of African and Indian blood, her being a woman would have been reason enough for team Biden to lose, in the traditional setup.

This shows that the time for women to shine has finally come, and the world is ready to hold them up with its hands.

In fact, do not be surprised if a woman, say, Michelle Obama runs for the presidency in about 10 years, and wins.

Back home, the situation is a bit different but we are getting somewhere.

With leaders like Anne Waiguru, Charity Ngilu, and the rest having proven that they can do what men can, perhaps, the 2022 discussion should not be hustlers Vs dynasties, rather, women Vs men.

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Tanzanian Politician Hides Entire Family in Kenyan Police Station

File photo of a Kenyan police station

A Tanzanian politician and his entire family have sought refuge in Kenya.

A report by Daily Nation on Monday, November 9, indicated that the politician, a former Arusha Urban Constituency MP Godbless Lema, flew to the country after claiming that his life was in danger.

His lawyer George Luchiri Wajackoyah, had noted the former MP was ready to die in the Kenyan police station than in his mother country.

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How Raila Odinga Survived Assassination Attempt On Ngong Road

ODM leader Raila Odinga

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga should thank his bulletproof car as it is the only reason he is still alive, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has said.

Sonko claims that ‘the system’ had instructed police officers to finish Raila Odinga in the aftermath of the 2017 elections but the ODM leader used a bulletproof vehicle on the fateful day.

“They instructed police officers to shoot him in his car at close range aiming in his head at the junction of Ngong road and Uhuru Park. Luckily, the white Range Rover he was using on the material day was armoured,” the Nairobi Governor claimed.

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Why Evening Classes, Holiday Tuition Might Return Next Year

When schools reopen in January, three classes will begin their third term, while the rest of the school will begin the 2020 second term.

Ordinarily, all classes should have been reopening for a new academic year spanning 38 weeks.

But a unique situation faces schools that have remained shut since the start of Covid-19.

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Do you think Donald Trump will peacefully hand over power to Joe Biden, or will the US become a warzone?

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