ICC: Panic in Ruto Camp as Lawyer Surrenders; SportPesa Rocked by Boardroom Wars & Governors Want Uhuru To Shut Down Bars, Political Gatherings

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Have you seen the disturbing tweets sent out by Norman Magaya?

If not, here is the gist… Apparently, the former NASA CEO has been having a rough time, at one point even suffering a heart attack.

In his tweets, Magaya highlighted that he has been undergoing an economic and employment crisis, and was unable to afford medical care, a situation that has also affected his family, and now he seems to be contemplating suicide.

“…Goodbye world!” His lamentation thread read in part.

This got us thinking, who looks out for the mental well being of our leaders? Do we even take time to think about the tribulations they face at a personal level?

With all the insults and criticism we subject them to on a daily basis, perhaps, they only put up a brave face on the outside but hurt inside; Afterall, they are human too.

It wouldn’t be such a bad idea if someone reached out to the BBI people, and suggested the addition of a mental health clause for politicians to the proposed constitutional amendments.

Meanwhile, here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

ICC: Panic in Ruto camp as lawyer surrenders

DP Ruto during an ICC court session

Disquiet has gripped Deputy President William Ruto’s political axis following a surprise surrender of a Kenyan lawyer wanted by the International Criminal Court for witness tampering.

Paul Gicheru, a highly connected advocate and the current chairman of the Export Processing Zone Authority, was slapped with an international arrest warrant in 2015 for alleged witness interference in the Ruto case.

However, in a surprise twist on Monday, the ICC announced that Gicheru had surrendered to Dutch authorities in the Netherlands, in what could pose a new headache to the DP.

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SportPesa rocked by boardroom wars

SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri.

SportPesa shareholder Paul Wanderi has said he did not know the betting firm was back in business.

“Just like the rest of the Kenyan public, I came to learn of the resumption of SportPesa business through social media at 9pm on Friday,” he said in a letter.

Wanderi, who relinquished chairmanship position at Pevans East Africa Limited in December last year, said he was shocked to learn that the firm was planning to resume business under a new name.

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Governors Want Uhuru To Shut Down Bars, Political Gatherings

Kakamega Governor and chair of the Council of Governors. PHOTO: Courtesy

The Council of Governors hopes to convince President Uhuru Kenyatta that shutting down the country is in the best interest of Kenyans.
In a memorandum to be presented to the Head of state on Wednesday, November 4, county bosses attribute the coronavirus cases surge on increased activities in social places.

They are pushing for the closure of bars, restaurants as well as a ban on political gatherings. The governors also want President Uhuru to reimpose the 7 pm – 5 am curfew with the CoG chairman warning the situation is likely to get out of control if the State does not act swiftly.

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As the US votes, do you think President Donald Trump will land a second term, or have Americans had enough of his drama and sharp tongue?

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