Save your bundles! Here’s the best customised news App in Kenya

How would you like your news served? Yes, you getting news just for you.

Imagine getting to read news that is specifically tailored towards your own interests. News that is not chosen by someone’s assumption of what you may like. News that you determined purely by your interests.

best news app in kenya opera news app
Opera News uses a highly advanced AI (artificial intelligence) technology to serve personalised news to readers based on their preferences.

Well, Opera News is the ultimate news app.

“Opera News is a completely personalised news app that lets you follow trending topics locally and globally, provides rich and comprehensive content for your interests, and lets you watch and share interesting videos, and save up to 80% of your data, all in one app.”

Opera News uses a highly advanced AI (artificial intelligence) technology to serve personalised news to readers based on their preferences. With this technology, you get only to read the best of what you like. Why bother you with content about cooking when you like politics? This saves you time and resources as you get to read, comment and share only the content that you like.

opera news app best app in kenya
On Opera News, you can even choose your favourites authors and topics.

The app also has features that enable you to select the authors, regions and topics that you would love to follow so that you get notified when good content about them is available – you don’t have to keep browsing to look for them.

As an aggregator, the app allows users to access all the best content from all key publishers in the country. Because of this users do not have to hop from one website to another looking for content – Opera News is a one-stop platform for both Kenyan news and global events.

Additionally, Opera News has 6,000 registered Opera News Hub contributors in the country- with such a number, you can never miss out on any notable event in any part of Kenya.

opera news hub best news app in kenya
Opera News Hub makes the app the biggest media house in Kenya in terms of number of contributors.

Worried about speed? Early this year, Opera installed local data centers in Mombasa. This reduced latency when browsing which significantly increased browsing speed up to four times faster than before. This now gives you an uninterrupted and quicker internet connection than using other apps.

Furthermore, the Opera News app has advanced data saving features. With Opera News Lite, you can browse more on less data.

opera news hub best news app in kenya
Data bundles can be expensive! Save them on Opera News app.

Data saving has been Opera’s main strength since the introduction of Opera Mini browser decades ago. When you enable the data savings in Opera Mini, you can save an impressive average of 80% of your mobile data.  All subsequent applications have always used this technique to help users save data while using the apps.

And did you know that you can use the Opera News app on Safaricom network for free? In a recent partnership between Operas and Safaricom, Opera News app users get free 50MB daily to use on the app. Other apps included in that deal are the Opera Mini browser and Opera News Lite.

best news app in kenya

So, get to save time, data as you enjoy the best content available online by using Opera News.

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