Arsenal Fans Agree on One Player Who Contributed Immensely to Wenger’s Failure

At the end of the 2017/18 season, Arsenal’s longest-serving manager Arsene Wenger departed the club in pomp and colour.

The Frenchman has been out of management for over a year and half now. He left Emirates after serving for over 20 years, leaving memorable moments at Emirates.

Much as he was loved by many fans, his departure was imminent due to the meagre display and poor results the Gunners were delivering.

Most of Wenger’s success with the Gunners came in the first decade he was in charge.

His league title victories came in 1997-98, 2001-02 and 2003-04, the last of which was won by his famous Invincibles side, which went the whole Premier League season unbeaten.

A tribute to Arsenal's amazing Double-winning team of 2001-02 ...

In the last decade, Wenger tried to regain his foot but without any success. He even signed high-rated stars who could salvage the situation, but the result did not turn out well.

As far as he is concerned, Wenger believes there were too many distractions by the end of his tenure at the north London club.

“My frustration in the end was that I didn’t have enough time to think about football. Maybe because I was in a form of model of management where I had so many things to do but I was slowly, if I think back today, I was invaded between the time I arrived to the end. I was basically invaded by demands that stopped me from concentrating on what is the most important part of my job,” Wenger told beIN Sports

And while remembering the torrid time Wenger faced at Emirates, Arsenal fans pointed out some of the players who were signed with great expectations but let the Frenchman down big time.




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