Ex-Harambee Stars Forward Weighs in on KPL, FKF Standoff Over League Cancellation

Former Harambee Stars forward Boniface Ambani has given his honest opinion regarding the whole imbroglio surrounding the Kenyan Premier League.

The Football Kenya Federation president, Nick Mwendwa announced the cancellation of all the leagues in the country, citing untenability to conclude the campaign in time for the kick-off of the 2020/21 season.

The decision has since left the nation in tatters with KPL CEO Jack Oguda leading the protest over the premature conclusion.

AFC Leopards chairman Dan Shikanda and Kakamega Homeboyz chairman Cleophas Shimanyula have also faulted the haste, believing there are still options that can be explored.

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However, Mwendwa has stood his grounds and stated the federation invoked Rule of the Rules and Regulations Governing Kenyan Football “Where the league format due to circumstances of force majeure fails to be completed within the season, the league winner shall be determined as follows; Where all the Clubs in the league have completed the first round fixture but less than 75% league games have been played, the table standings at the end of the first round shall be considered as the final table standings of the league.”

And according to Ambani, it is prudent for the two bodies to have a round table discussion and agree on the way forward.

Through his Facebook account, the 37-year-old has listed down issues that were worth consideration before the cancellation of the league.

“KPL might have its own flaws here and there,yes… Their contract of running Football might be ending soon or later,…Yes. But,don’t you think it’s great having a round table discussion? I will sincerely tell you the following after listening to FKF President on radio. Stephen Mukangai was the host .The league has been handed over to Gor Mahia, but what I believe in, is this.

“Gor Mahia players deep down their souls am sure they wanted to fight it to the end.No player wants points or titles on a silver platter. I have been a player. I never used to enjoy points awarded in boardrooms. I could tell my teammates,guys let’s play this match. Am a coach now, and I believe I want to earn points and titles on the field of play.

“That decision has denied Gor Mahia Players that moment on that pitch,the moment you’ve won the title,your family is there,your friends,your teammates,you are taking selfies with that trophy and pictures etc. Cameramen are chasing for your clip.News reporters want to know your feeling of winning a title.The moment…. that moment has been slashed and buried by a boardroom/, bedroom decision. A team picture with pomp and colours in green and white is gone for those young men.

“Gor Mahia Fans. Am 100% sure there are a million fans out there who wanted to see there team winning the title on the pitch. Titles are celebrated on the pitch with players and friends.The joy of lifting that trophy and taking pictures with it. Joy of dashing to that pitch and having light moments with your favorite players. At times that’s the closest you can come to them.That’s what they were looking for. If you know the sweetness of winning a title on the pitch with your fans all over you’ll understand me.

“Kakamega Homeboys. Lying second on the table. With only 7 points adrift am sure they had that feeling. This might be our chance of winning this title or pushing it to the end. Being submerged in between perennial champions Gor and Tusker FC and feeling being counted as title contenders was a thing those players from Western Kenya were relishing to push it to the end.

“Football is full of Drama. Tusker FC were also in contention. That pressure from Tusker FC to defending Champions Gor was something soccer fans have been denied..

“Chemeli FC had just woken up from slumber land. The players had a believe we can move from this position. Let’s give it a fight. Let’s save this club from relegation.History would have been written.
If you ever played football or if you are a true soccer fan,a fan who football runs in your adrenaline, you can understand where am coming from.Football is won on the pitch.Not in boardroom or bedroom decisions. Soccer is an emotional thing. Soccer is a religion. A religion that pulls all other religions together. It’s the only religion that will pull all other religions together on the same table, drink together,fight together,joke together.

“It as no boundaries.So,matters of football,matters of the heart,never joke around with them.I believe in dialogue.Chest thumping from our soccer leaders across the nation will never take us anywhere.They’ll continue fueling issues.You don’t make enemies in football/in life.

“It’s only Kenya that has declared a champion. No any other nation has done so. Why the rush? We like it or not Corona is here. We have to wait. CAF,FIFA all will wait. Where will they play that football from. How will they travel? Who will allow other nations to come to Kenya if the pandemic continues. It’s good to think before making decisions.

“A wise man always rescinds his decisions.
Handle with care. Football is fragile. Very fragile. The way religion is.”




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