3 Hairstyles Every Kenyan Lady Must Avoid During Quarantine Season

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If there is one thing that ladies can’t stay without is looking after their hair.

We are in the quarantine season whereby it may be hard to maintain certain hairstyles since it’s not easy to go to the salon because of Coronavirus pandemic.

Here are some of the hairstyles every Kenyan woman needs to avoid this quarantine season;

1. Open Natural Hair/Retouched Hair. 

Having natural hair is a blessing but if you do not know how to maintain, it will definitely give you a hard time during this period.

We are in the rainy season and your hair may be prone to;

  • Dryness because the moisture decreases.
  • Split ends since the air becomes dryer and the strands become more sensitive which leads your hair to breakage.
  • Seasonal hair loss because there is a lack of hydration and humidity.

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2. Weaves.

Weaves are among the top protective hairstyles and they may a good solution for the quarantine period but not so much.

Weaves protect your hair from direct contact from sunlight, the rain and hair extensions but if it stays on your head for more than a month. You are in for some trouble!

This is because it may end up smelly and weaken your hairline which will force you to buy expensive hair products that will make your hair grow.

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3. Hair Extensions with open hair. 

Hair extensions can be great especially when your hair is braided, it acts more of a protective hairstyle.

If you have a hair extension with open hair it’s dangerous because it may lead to loss of hair and more dandruffs which will make your hair stink.

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