My Husband has started Using Online Dating Sites during Lockdown- Frustrated Wife confesses

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Coronavirus has forced most of us to stay indoors and some couples are happy about it while others are not pleased about it because they have to put up with their wives’ craziness, noise and endless drama lamas.

Some husbands have even stated that they are already tired of staying indoors which has led them to engage in strange activities like this man who has been busted by his wife using online dating sites.


I am a 42-year-old woman and have been married for 14 years. I have two school-going children. Everything in our marriage was going on well but certain recent developments have started shaking my faith in my husband.

After the lockdown started, the first few days were going on well but after a week, my husband became very irritable. He shouts at the kids constantly and seems to remain aloof. He used to be a happy family man and never had I seen him shouting at our children.

He also seems to be showing no interest in sex and whenever I initiate anything, he says he is tired. I don’t understand how can someone be tired when he is cooped up at home doing nothing (he doesn’t help me in any household chores). And there is something that has been disturbing me a lot.

I recently saw him checking out online dating sites. And there were a few days when he was even chatting with strangers, all young girls. His mood seems to change for good when he does all these things.

One day when I asked him if he is using dating sites to chat, he became very furious and accused me of invading his personal space! I don’t know what to do? At a time when we are so close, the distance between us seems to be growing! What should I do? Please help me! 

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