East Meets West Group, Issues Statement After One of Them Was Involved in Ambulance Saga

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Days after a viral video of drunk Kenyan teens partying in an ambulance after curfew hours surfaced online, famous YouTubers East Meets West have come out to condemn the unfortunate incident involving one of their members.

Taking to their instastories, the group issued an apology on behalf of their member Laura following the unfortunate incident adding that they support the government measures that have been put in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“On behalf of East meets West,we take this opportunity to apologize following the unfortunate incident that occurred involving or of our members. we support the government measures that have been put in place to stop the spread of COVID -19,”reads part of the group’s apology

“Once again we are very sorry and thank you all for your continued support, stay safe.”

East Meets West is a youtube channel of the group of friends discussing day-today issues.

Ambulance Heist

The video of drunk teens surfaced of them allegedly partying inside an ambulance on Friday night after one of the group’s members had shared videos of their unusual ride as the group allegedly returned home in an ambulance after a night of drinking.

The videos, shared in an Instagram story, clearly showed them having fun inside an ambulance as they laid a bottle of gin on the bed usually reserved for patients and mockingly undertook ‘defibrillation’ of the bottle.

At least six individuals were captured in the back of the ambulance, making jokes and sharing in the camaraderie.

Apparently, their car broke down on their way home and one of them called his parents who in return sent the ambulance to rescue them.

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