Denno’s Emotional Speech After Bahati Shut Down EMB Records

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Kenya’s celebrated gospel singer Dennis Karanja popularly known as Denno has for the first time spoken after Bahati shut down Eastlands Most Beloved (EMB)Records.

In an emotional speech, Denno thanked Bahati for giving him a chance at EMB records to bless people once again through his songs and ministry.

“I thank God for this young man for supporting and believing in me and I found myself working under EMB recording label the eight months have been great I have produced four hit songs, I don’t regret joining EMB because when I was there i was gifted with a car and I thank God for that EMB has created a good impact.

“I knew Bahati way back in 2013 even before he got married we have been friends since then,we did a collabo song ‘story yangu’ i had another tough time and I stop singing Bahati looked for me again.”

After Car Gift to Denno, Bahati Promises Singer's Wife a Business

Mbona mbona hitmaker further disclosed that he was shocked after Bahati told him he was going to shut down EMB.

“Kusema ukweli file time Bahati alinniambia he was going to disband the label kidogo ilinishika off guard because i had a lot of time and i knew i was going to do a lot of good and big things under the records, i respect his discussions because he has reasons as to why he disband the recording label,”he said.

The father of one went on to narrate his music journey which was to a bed of roses.

Niliaza mziki nikiwa mdogo akafika mahali nka aza kuimba professionally lakini nilikumbwa an chagamoto Mingo but am that person who don’t let anything or anyone look down on me.

Since 2012 nilikuwa nimeanza kuimba lakini watu hawaku wakinijua and i will say that 2012 2013 nilikuwa nikiimba alafu halo 2014 2015 nikapotea kidogo

Denno rose to instant fame with the hit ‘Mbona’ featuring Daddy Owen, however, he stopped singing for a while before Bahati picked him up and signed him under EMB recording label.

EMB’s downfall

Gospel singer Bahati, who is EMB’s CEO, took to his Youtube channel on Sartuday to announce the shut down of the recording label.
Weezdom and Denno were the only artistes who were still signed under EMB after David Wonder, Mr. Seed, Rebecca Soki, Danny Gift, Peter Blessing left.





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