Infect me With Coronavirus, Meru Prophet Emotionally Demands

A bizarre video, of a Meru reverend demanding to be infected with the deadly coronavirus, on Thursday lit up social media, as netizens tried to come into terms with the level of ignorance portrayed by the man of God.

In the viral clip, Nathan Kirimi is heard asserting that the dreaded infection does not exist, and especially not in Kenya.

”Hakuna ugonjwa kama corona. Ni jina tu (There is no such thing as corona(virus). It is just a word),” he says.

”Hakuna kitu kama hicho. Na kama kunacho, Mimi nibebwe nipelekwe mahali inatoka, kwa hiyo kisima ya corona (There is no coronavirus, and if it exists, carry me to where it is so I can be infected),” Kirimi continues in the undated video, where he appears to be addressing a press conference.

Bishop Nathaniel Karimi says that there is no such thing called Corona Virus. He says that the whole thing is a lie. He suggests that if there is such a thing, he should be injected with the Virus and if he dies, people should know he is not a prophet. This guy is joking 😅

Posted by Mungai Mwangi on Wednesday, 18 March 2020

”Nikiangamia basi mjue hakuna nabii nchi hii (If I die, then know that there are no prophets in Kenya),” the cleric adds, noting that Kenya is a country protected by God and as such, no harm would befall the nation.

”Mungu ataponya nchi na ataiongoza. Tuna Mungu sisi (God will heal and lead the nation. We have God),” the emotional reverend asserts.

Unlike Kirimi, of the Jesus Winner Ministry, other religious leaders have joined the government in taking precautionary measures to avoid the spread of the virus, which has already been confirmed in seven individuals in the country.

Churches such the Anglican church, the Presbyterian church, and CITAM church have suspended physical services and gatherings, opting for the online alternative.

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