I Can’t Stop Thinking About Killing Myself –  Confession

I Can’t Stop Thinking About Killing Myself –  Confession

A user on Reddit has confessed that they cannot stop thinking about killing themselves.

“I never realized it until about a year ago but I’ve had issues since such a young age and they just kept getting worse and worse throughout the years. I’m in high school now and it’s getting to the point the only option I can genuinely think about it finally committing. My friends know I think these things but I don’t think they know how severe it is. They say things like “oh, I would be so sad if you left, I would never be the same. I would become so depressed and blame myself for it constantly” and while that just hardly gets me through that night those words just aren’t clicking like the used to. I for the most part believe what they say but honestly, I’m just not sure if that’s what’s gonna help me anymore. I just wanna be at peace and rest finally,” the person confessed.

Thoughts of suicide are magnified by his/ her parents being alcoholics.

“My parents are f**king alcoholics and they tell me they love me all the time but I cant believe one word they say when the stench of beer in their breath. If I were to die they would do nothing but drink their lives away like they are pretty much already doing. What do I do?” the user posed.

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