DJ Mo Blasts Fan for Asking How Much They Made From Valentine’s Event

DJ Mo and Size 8 (Instagram)

A few weeks ago, fans were up in arms after the Murayas revealed how much it would cost couples to dine with them on Valentine’s day.

The couples were expected to pay Sh7,000 for regular tickets and Sh10,000 for VIP tickets for the event. Charges fans felt were unreasonable despite promises of activities to enjoy and dinner at a prestigious hotel.

Defending their price point, Size 8 said that buffets go for Sh2,000 at a regular hotel and the Murayas were bringing more to the table.

“Some people have expressed that the Sh7,000 they are being charged per couple for the event, which includes dinner is too much. But think of it this way; buffet goes for sh2,000 at a regular hotel. Then all the other additionals. I fully understand those who are of a different opinion as we are all different. But I can assure you that the feedback is good and we will be in for a beautiful fun-filled, romantic Valentine’s,” she said.

DJ Mo and Size 8 (Instagram)

True to her word, Valentines’ Day was a full house at the Emory Hotel and the people who attended seemed to have a good time. Those who missed out were curious and one person even asked DJ Mo how much they made from the event.

“Hapa mlibank pesa ngapi?” tutorrmartin asked.

However, DJ Mo didn’t like the question and quickly retorted with,” Kama haukuleta yako, wachana na udaku.”

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