Wahu Breaks Silence After A ‘Sex Toy’ Was Spotted in Her Room (Photos)

Wahu and Nameless (Instagram)

Wahu and her bae Nameless are cooling their heels at the Pride Inn Beach Resort & Spa in Mombasa.

The two have been sharing pictures from their baecation and Wahu shared one as they settled in for a couple’s spa treatment.

“Settling in to have a couples spa treatment at the Bamboo Ocean spa at @prideinnparadisebeachresort… let me tell you…. the view alone from the spa rooms is such therapy!!! Overlooking a cliff, hearing the ocean…I love it! @mamutravel you guys are darlings for suggesting we come here!!!! I’m soooooooooo happy!!! Meanwhile, he’s pointing at the ship he’ll buy me one day 👀 👀 Wacha nisicheke nisijiharibie 🤭 Enjoy your afternoon fam!,” wrote Wahu.

However, hawk-eyed fans zeroed in on some phallic-shaped towels and quickly pointed them out.

Wahu and Nameless (Instagram)

“Hiyo ni dildo naona hapo ya red ama naona zangu😂😂😂😂,” wrote one.

“Kuna stuff apo kando inakaa funny,” commented another.

“Those red things doing the broom challenge though…😳,” roxychiqittah commented.

Griffinsnyabuto also chimed in with, “That red thing inatushtua!!!”

Wahu and Nameless (Instagram)

Naughty comments that forced Wahu to clarify that it was not a sex toy but a towel.

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