Why Gideon Moi’s Daughter Lulu Is Causing A Stir On Social Media

Lulu and Gideon Moi (Courtesy)

On Wednesday, Kenya’s longest-serving president Daniel Moi was laid to rest in Kabarak.

Before he was buried, his family members and friends talked greatly of the fifth child of Kabon, Kimoi arap Chebii’s senior wife.

However, Gideon Moi’s daughter Lulu seems to steal the show because of how her dad referred to her as ‘Lulu Darling’ and because of her undeniable beauty.

Lulu with her dad (Courtesy)

As expected, people shot their shot on social media with some even offering her dad 1,000 cows in exchange for her hand in marriage.

Check out some reactions to the beautiful Lulu Moi:

@felix_atika: What is the name of this Gideon moi’s daughter? Any leads.

@cassidyolwal: Gideon Moi’s daughter is beautiful damn!!! The real definition of black beauty. Anapatikana aje huyu😉😋 ?

@FrancisAmonde: A shout out to Lulu Moi, Senator Gideon’s daughter. She wittingly stole the show. The fact that she knew every individual who needed to be thanked at Mzee Moi’s funeral, I salute her; it speaks a lot about her intelligence and confidence.

@nyakwara_albert: Yaani you all talking of Gideon Moi ‘s daughter . 🤗

@Kleopas99401102: Now that Gideon has been handed Moi’s baton why can’t he handover his ‘darling ‘ daughter to me🤔

@ChristianMutiga: Wasee, si Gideon Moi’s daughter is peng☺️☺️

@doclewisville: Vile huyo daughter wa Gideon alikua ananiangalia through the tv lenses nikama I have found my soulmate, naenda kua one of the Moi’s mimi

@AciiiManyara: That Gideon Moi s daughter akiayao…kakuku ka kienyeji ..hey jamani #MoiFuneral

@KiplaaGil: I become the first Kenyan to express interest in marrying Gideon moi’s daughter .My plan is to go there with 5 choppers plus 1000 bulls.#MoiFuneral

@gittss @KiplaaGil: Bro hio nywele pekeee..!! Hehehe sio ile ya kenyatta market. Hio bedsitter yako haiwes make!

@mevin_ke: Go ahead brother. She is damn cute and looks caring and lovely. Kukiumana, tutakufanyia harambee!

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