What Senator Moi Told Ruto That Left Mourners Cracking Ribs

Even as leaders from across political divides converge at Kabarak to bid farewell to the late former President Daniel Moi, mourners couldn’t help but crack their ribs as leaders eulogize the former head of State in different humorous ways.

Taking to the stand to eulogize his father and give a vote of thanks, Moi’s youngest son, who is also Baringo Senator left mourners in stitches after throwing a light joke at Deputy President William Ruto.

Deputy President William Ruto

While recounting how he had stayed with the former president in hospital for months when he was admitted, Gideon joked of how he had slowly turned into a doctor; Datari Bandia (fake doctor) and could tell the problems each leader including Ruto was facing as well as prescribing some ‘medicines’ for the same.

Gideon went ahead to tease Ruto saying the DP, according to his own observation needs prayers with his wife Rachael Ruto in dire need of love.

“I was with Mzee Moi in hospital for four-months, na ukikaa hospitali unakua daktari fake, nikikukona rais naweza sema upatiwe dawa milligrams.patia DP Ruto maombi… NA mama Rejo upendo” stated Gideon Moi amid laughter from the mourners.

The joke came as a shocker since DP Ruto and the Senator have been reported to be two political rivals in the Rift Valley to an extent that they cannot see eye to eye.

During Ruto’s previous visit to Mzee Moi when he was still alive, he was allegedly blocked from meeting the late Former President after his supporters claimed that Senator Moi orchestrating the embarrassing moment.

However, the spokesperson of the Late Moi said that Mzee Moi had gone for a medical check Up and announced that Mzee Moi would be available in the near future he so wishes.

Since then the DP never got an opportunity to meet Mzee Moi despite several leaders across the political divide getting a chance to interact with the late Moi.

Besides, the KANu chairman has before hinted that he will give for the presidency in the near future raising eyebrows whether he will be locking horns with the DP come 2022 given that the latter has already declared his 2022 presidential bid.

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