Shame on You! Popular Radio Presenter Blasts Jalang’o Over Bahati

Popular Radio Presenter Blasts Jalang’o Over Bahati (Courtesy)

Nation FM presenter Cate Rira is fed up.

Fed up of what she calls ‘mediocre’ music in the industry and she is sick and tired of presenters like Jalang’o and Mzazi Willy Tuva who she says elevate horrible music.

The straw that broke the camel’s back is Bahati’s new song with the Boondocks Gang which Cate says is mediocre at best.

Cate Rira (Instagram)

“Bahati first of all this is a bunch of nonsense kwangu. Hii ni takataka kusema ukweli, if you feel bad, take it up with someone else. I will tell our industry this and I say it with so much passion. The reason why our industry will never grow is that we allow mediocrity. This is mediocrity. I don’t have a problem with Gengetone. It’s good, I love it and dance to it but when you don’t use effort to bring out something or even to speak the real gospel now that’s some trash,” she said in a video on Twitter.

Cate then went on to blame top presenters like Jalang’o and Mzazi Willy Tuva who she says are guilty of promoting amateurish music.

Mzazi Willy Tuva (Facebook)

“We presenters go wrong by putting a bad song on blast. Other industries don’t allow mediocrity to be tangazwad everywhere, we do it and think it’s okay. I know Mambo Mseto will promote it watu kama Jalang’o will promote it, shame on you for doing that! You know why? You are the reason why our industry will never grow. If something is mediocre stop elevating it,” she added.

Cate’s hot take on Bahati’s music has ruffled feathers as expected but it also seems to have some fans.

Check out some reactions to her strong opinions:

@Jackswagger_254: Well said Kenyans tolerate mediocrity the real reason why we will never compete with tz and Uganda and yet they make their first millions in our country we are the get way of most well-established artists in east Africa but when it comes in presenting ourselves its a joke

@danaceda: If you don’t like the song just play something else. There’s a lot of music that’s wonderful and that’s looking for a platform. Build the content you want instead of spending time on content you don’t want.

@RealOneMicKE: Simply PLAY WHAT YOU LIKE…… wachana na takataka….

@bush_Njani_Dj: Naked fact kaboooom. cheers for the bold statements but i blame the cartels in the music industry who push anything to make money and brands.

@arshfordMo: Glad someone said it.

@Larry_weru™️: But si ni ukweli whatever that is or what it means to hell with it, and some people are out here bashing

@EzekielMutua for fighting this stupid mediocre music

@itsWakungwi: Thank you for speaking on my behalf 😘

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