Interesting Details About the Cars Used to Transport Moi’s Body (Photos)

Interesting Details About the Cars Used to Transport Moi’s Body

Lee Funeral Home was founded in 1988 and since then, the funeral home has catered to clients from the wealthiest families in the nation that include Nicholas Biwott, Lucy Kibaki, and William ole Ntimama’s.

As part of their funeral package, the bodies of its high-profile clients are ferried in an expensive hearse.  Some of the cars in Lee’s flashy fleet include a Jaguar and a Mercedes Benz that ensure that the deceased’s last ride to the great beyond is elegant. 

On Tuesday morning, one of Lee’s cars were used to ferry President Moi’s body to Statehouse and from Nyayo Stadium.

Today, we take a closer look at the cars that ferried President Moi’s body to and from the Stadium.

First the Jaguar,

Lee Funeral Jaguar (Courtesy)
  • The car was acquired by the funeral home in 2017 and was valued at about KSh 17 million (£125,000). 
  • It was used to ferry the body of the late Bob Collymore, late Kenneth Matiba and the late Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery to his home in Kajiado County for the burial. 
Lee Funeral Jaguar (Courtesy)
  • The hearse usually carries three passengers that include someone from Lee’s and two members of the bereaved family. This is according to a 2017 article on SDE.
  • The driver is under instructions not to play any music unless requested and is not allowed to make a phone call during the ride.
  • The car has to arrive ahead of dignitaries like the President and Vice President.

The Lee funeral car may have taken centre stage during his exit from Nyayo Stadium but another car was used to transport his body to the stadium from Statehouse, a military vehicle adorned with the five stars of the Commander-in-Chief.

The military vehicle (Twitter)

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