Stubborn Father: Gideon Reveals Doctor’s Instructions that Moi did not Follow

Gideon Moi, the last born son of the Late president Daniel Moi had so much to say about his father at a memorial service held on Tuesday.

In his speech, he shared a lot of light moments that he had with his late father.

Gideon, who has been termed as his father’s favourite child was close to his father all through his ailment that led to his demise.

The favourite son recalled how nothing, including a doctor’s recommendation, could come in between Moi and his love for meat.

According to Gideon, Meat was the Love of Moi to an extent that he got stubborn when he was hindered from eating it.

Moi’s lastborn son, Gideon Moi

“There was one love my father had, and that was his love for Nyama, hii Mzee alikuwa anapenda Nyama,” eulogized Gideon.

“I remember nilimweleza kwamba, tafadhali Mzee daktari amekataa Nyama,  Akaniuliza umeona daktari hapa?”

Gideon went ahead to reveal that ribs, that were highly valued in Tugen tradition, were his favourite meal.

Apart from sharing Moi’s love for meat, he also shared a memory of the day he crashed a vehicle.

A cunning Gideon had to come up with a trick to approach his father after crushing a new vehicle.

He thought of carrying a bibble with him as he approached his father to ask for forgiveness for the mistake he had done.

His father, he said, laughed at him and accepted his apology.

Here is a Video of Gideon Moi’s full speech as he eulogized his late father;

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