How Moi Helped Ruto Acquire his First Car

Deputy President William Ruto disclosed how the Former President Daniel Moi helped him jumpstart his life.

Despite the speculations on the frosty relationship between Ruto and Moi, the DP highlighted how pivotal the ex-Head of State was to his life.

During an interview with Citizen TV senior reporter Wahiga Mwaura, the second in command revealed that Moi helped him get his first car.

DP William Ruto during a past function

Ruto explained that while in university, he and three other students, visited the ‘Professor of Politics’ and asked for a piece of land in Eldoret.

He remarked that the once KANU party leader gave them the land much to his surprise.

The former URP leader further noted that the land given was not among those privately owned by the deceased.

DP Ruto articulated that they sold the property and bought his first car.

“He actually did. We sold the property. With that piece of land, I bought my first car.

“No, it wasn’t personal property. It was the pieces of land that were being given for development in Eldoret town,” uttered the Deputy President.

The Jubilee party member, however, defended himself when questioned over the legality of the manner in which he got the asset.

He insisted that Moi followed the law and wasn’t the type of person to indulge in corruption.

“I think they were procedural ways. I don’t think Moi went out of his way to do something illegal.

“If people later went out and did things the wrong way, that was not Moi’s thinking. He wanted to help and help people within the law,” pronounced Ruto.

The DP has on numerous occasions been claimed to be a corrupt leader specifically in matters to do with lands.

He is alleged to be a land grabber with the Weston Hotel saga being used as one of the examples.

Ruto is facing backlash after the land his property is built on, is proclaimed to belong to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority(KCAA).

The Weston Hotel

In January 2020, the vocal politician was roped into another corruption scandal.

The government of Taita Taveta County and its residents accused the principal assistant of grabbing water to facilitate his ranch in the area.

Deputy President William Ruto during a past function

It was reported that schools and health facilities had been affected by the move as they faced a water shortage.

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