Panic as Bus Nearly Plunges into Indian Ocean (Photos)

Tragedy beckoned after a bus in Mombasa almost plunged into the Indian Ocean.

The ghost of the Likoni tragedies came back to haunt the place after a Channia bus nearly fell to its doom.

Kenya Ferry Services who confirmed the incident, stated that the bus lost control as it disembarked the Kilindini ferry.

Channia bus at Likoni area
Channia bus skids off Likoni Ferry
The Channia bus during the incident

The authorities further explained that the vehicle slide into the waterline.

They added that no injuries or casualties were reported at the time of the minor accident.

KFS articulated that a team was dispatched immediately and the bus was towed back to safety and ferry operations restored.

The ferry organisation, however, did not clarify whether there were passengers on board.

In 2019, a similar scenario was witnessed after another bus almost fell into the dark waters.

Fear gripped the Likoni Channel after a Kenyatta University bus was caught on video almost sinking into the ocean.

Details revealed that the bus had failed to climb the ramp while exiting the ferry.

The car which was the second last one aboard, had just made its way from the Likoni side to the main island.

Additional information recounted that the driver was at fault after he made a miscalculation on the way out.

KFS Assistant Public Relations Manager Harun Mutiso noted that the bus was not boarded during the horrific moment.

“There were no students on the bus at the time of the incident. As a routine, we ask passengers to alight as the buses get into the ferry. We did our best to secure the bus,” uttered Mutiso.

Aside from the two, the country was left in shock after two other cases in the same year were not so lucky.

Miriam Kigenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu died after the car they were in sank in the ocean.

The car, a Toyota Isis, fell after the ramp on the ferry gave way.

Eyewitnesses watched helplessly as the vehicle disappeared into the murky waters.

Recovery efforts to retrieve the car and the bodies took a gruelling 14 days.

Likoni car retrieved

Another tragedy was that of a man identified as John Mutinda who drove into the Indian ocean.

CCTV footage at the channel showed the man pay for his ticket then drove away at a high speed.

John Mutinda’s car being retrieved from the Indian Ocean

Efforts to have the victim slow down were futile as he was determined to get past the waterline.

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