Gunshots as Catholic Priest Busted with Man’s Wife

Gunshots rent the air when a Catholic priest was caught locked inside a man’s home under unclear circumstances.

The man identified as one Thomas Kimeu Mulwa arrived at his home at 2 am to find a strange vehicle car parked outside his home.

Police officers during a past raid. PHOTO: Courtesy

However, upon questioning his servant at the home, he would be informed that the vehicle belonged to Father Wesonga Maloba of Gatundu parish.

Sensing something fishy was going on, the irate Kimeu would open fire on the strange car, deflating the four tires before going for the door.

It is when Kimeu knocked on the door when his wife refused to open that police officers from Kathonzweni jumped into the scene.

Kimeu was disarmed of his registered firearm after which police began to look into the matter.


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