Mystery Behind the Death of 13 Pupils in Kakamega Primary

More than a dozen pupils died in Kakamega Primary school after a shock stampede in the school on Monday, February, 3.

In the melee, at least twenty pupils are reported to have sustained injuries.

Earlier reports indicated that the pupils were rushing down the staircase of the school when they tripped and fell on each other.

Kakamega Central OCPD David Kabena said that at least 39 pupils were injured and that so far, 20 have been treated and discharged.

Additional reports indicate that the injured pupils are in the region of 100 and that some of them have been admitted to the ICU in critical condition.

The pupils are said to have been running away from a teacher who was reportedly punishing another pupil in one of the classes upstairs.

However, some reports also indicate the children were rushing to go home after the bell rung.

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