Uhuru Under Fire For Scolding MP Ngunjiri

President Uhuru Kenyatta has come under czar criticism following a scathing attack he directed at Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri on Tuesday.

Several Kenyans took to share social media to react to the attacks with the majority of them saying the president was misguided in his utterances.

FILE: President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Blogger Robert Alai, who took to Twitter to react to the matter, questioned the president why he had to attack the legislator yet he had claimed that he is pushing for the unity of the country.

“Explain to me like a fresher journalist how Uhuru “delivered unity” message when he was insulting an elected leader in Kikuyu language and bitching about petty issues while Kenyans suffer,” posed Alai.

On Tuesday, the President while in a tour of Bahati Constituency took a swipe at the MP accusing him of abusing him instead of delivering his mandate to Kenyan.

According to the MP, President Uhuru’s remarks were was shocking since he didn’t expect the head of state to utter unfriendly and abusive remarks at his home.

He went ahead to question why the President had to take on him at his home before his wife, children and close relatives instead of addressing the development issues facing the his constituents.

Nevertheless, the MP fired back to President Uhuru saying he won’t be cowed and will continue advocating for the rights of his people.

He went ahead and said that he had no personal differences with President Uhuru adding that his earlier remarks about the president were pegged on his responsibility that requires him to ensure his constituents receive required development.

Here is how other Kenyans reacted to the matter:


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  1. Kenyans we are doomed…… BBI should never be led by Uhuru, Ruto or Raila so that it won’t be looked as a political plan……. Now see how Raila is using it to create alliances… The reason why Kenyans are not interested in it……

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