Glamour with Shanniq: Worst Dressed Governor:Ferdinard Waititu Needs To Style Up (Photos)

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Kiambu Governor Ferdinard Waititu is one controversial politician that is known for the wrong reasons.

Last year he was charged with corruption, fraud, money laundering, conflict of interest, abuse of office and dealing with suspect property. The Governor had been charged with six accounts which had over Ksh.580 million, his wife, Susan Wangari was also part of this saga.

They were both surrendered at Integrity Centre and ended up spending the night at the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) detention. Last year 2019, the Kiambu county netizens wanted him impeached for poor governance.

Besides the poor governance, there is something I came to notice, his style has never changed. It’s the same old! He seems not to care about his dressing which should be among the first things to look at.

I mean politicians like Hassan Joho, Mike Sonko, George Theuri, William Ruto, Jaguar have upgraded their wardrobe despite the nasty political drama they have been involved in.

So why hasn’t Waititu changed his?

From my research, his dressing is so off because of how he pairs all prints, patterns and colours which make him look like a clown. If you also pay a close look to his style, he is always in a cap which makes matters worse.

Here are some of his worst looks;

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“A leather jacket is already an accessory, it does not need to be overdone. He should have dropped the hat and buttoned his shirt.”


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“There is too much going on here, when wearing a checked shirt or blazer, choose one. Don’t wear both them that is a dramatic look.”


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“The printed shit he has worn was so perfect but it stopped its perfection after he added the hat. Such shirts need lots of simplicity.”


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“When wearing a hat/cap, make sure it matches with the shirt you will be wearing. Learn to colour coordinate.”


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“As a man before leaving the house, try and check if you have worn appropriately you don’t want everyone to take you as a joke.”

Since we are in a new year let’s hope he will change his wardrobe. It’s never too late to do something right?

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