Baba Stops Reggae: Raila Gets Words to his Favourite Song All Wrong

Local TV station NTV on Sunday hosted ODM leader Raila Odinga in a highly anticipated political interview, dubbed Raila Speaks.

In the candid conversation with journalist Joseph Warungu, the former Prime Minister took the country down memory lane to his younger days in politics, detailing his gradual rise to the political powerhouse he now is.

Towards the end of the interview, Warungu lightened up the atmosphere by indulging the opposition leader in social talk, specifically, music.

Raila disclosed that growing up, he enjoyed listening to music by Harry Belafonte, Cliff Richards, Elvis Presley, and Jim Reeves.

He went ahead to perform a rendition of his favorite track by Harry, Jamaican Farewell, which he, unfortunately, got wrong at the very beginning.

”Round away of Mexico….” the NASA leader started off.

However, the actual lyrics to the first line of the musical piece are ”Down the way where the nights are gay…”

Luckily, the BBI champion got back on track with the rest of the lyrics, which he sang with a bright smile on his face.

Earlier during the interview, Raila had also made a slip of the tongue when he stated that he first met Deputy President William Ruto in 1978, while they were both serving in Parliament.

However, the DP at the time was only 12 years old, and it was not until the 1997 General Election that he joined the National Assembly as the MP for Eldoret North.

During his NTV appearance, Raila declined to comment on the possibility of him being a presidential candidate in 2022, asserting that his sole focus was on the BBI.

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