Popular Journalist Criticizes Ken Mijungu’s Behavior During Ruto’s Interview

On Thursday night, Kenyans tuned in for one of the biggest interviews of 2020, Ruto’s interview with Sidebar host Ken Mijungu on NTV.

This because his interviews are often interesting to watch and given the political climate this was one to look forward to.

As expected, Kenyans had a lot to say about this interview and Star newspaper journalist Oliver Mathenge had some strong opinions about the interview.

Oliver was of the opinion that Ken was off to a rocky start because he didn’t understand his subject.

“It is like NTV never prepared for this interview or Ken has not studied his subject,” read Mathenge’s first tweet.

“He doesn’t understand Bill. Those are not the questions you ask. Especially when he already addressed those issues already before in other fora. Nipatieni hiyo job muone,” Oliver retorted when asked if he thinks he can do a better job than Mijungu.

Oliver also felt that the NTV journalist started on the wrong footing with aggression.
“When you keep going round in circles, it stops being an interview but a circus.The interviewer started on the wrong footing with aggression,” he added.

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