I Am Jealous of My Beautiful Sister I Am Happy She Grew Fat- Lady Confesses


A city lady has confessed about her insecurities while she was growing up and narrates how her sister used to make her feel less attractive.

Here is her confession

We are only 18 months apart, and I always wanted to be close to her growing up. From middle school she found she could show off in front of her friends by putting me down and treating me like absolute garbage.

She was always thin, while I was overweight. She made a point to make jokes about my weight constantly. No one ever punished her for it. I am way smarter than she is, and she cries like a baby and says that the only reason I use big words in my vocabulary is to make her feel dumb.

I have a flat butt, and she always called me “pancake ass.” It got so bad in high school that I head it whispered behind my back every day and I got bullied relentlessly for being overweight. She never stuck up for me.

I was already suicidal, which she knew, but she cared more about being popular and cool than protecting her own sister. She is such a hypocrite and liar, and I have grown to the point where I legitimately hate her. This isn’t how sisters are supposed to be.

Every chance she gets she accuses me of something else or tries to make herself look better by putting me down, most often in group settings. Recently, she’s gained a ton of weight and is now heavier than I am, and her perfect ass is flatter than mine.

It makes me so fucking happy. She still calls me fat and pancake ass all the time, but I just laugh at her knowing she’s so delusional she doesn’t realize she’s more of a fat slob than I ever was.


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