MC Jesse celebrates 20 Years Plus Of Friendship with Mugatana’s Ex Wife Cecilia Mwangi (Photos)

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A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.’

MC Jesse took to his Instagram to share interesting photos of him and Former Miss Kenya Cecilia Mwangi that set the internet to a standstill. The comedian surprised his fans after he revealed that they have been friends for more than 20 years now.

He also celebrated her for her new business venture, Pet Pawfection which is an organization that stocks major brands of pet food and supplies for your pets.

More than 20 years of friendship and we have never learnt to close our mouths😂. It’s always a pleasure meeting you Cecilia Mwangi and congratulations on your new business venture,” MC Jessy captioned.

Being public figures, they have managed to keep their friendship under wraps and that has made many question if there is more to that friendship.

Here are the photos that have left people questioning about their friendship;



Here are some of the reaction from the fans:

official_kibo: Hiyo ya Kwanza ina Story kibao😀😀

joewmuchirii: Mbona ya juu ina kaa last year 🤣🤣

miss_kilunda: 😃😃 ata kwa picha moja ebu mjaribu mfunge mdomo.🤣. Congratulations girlchild.

der.235: Si muoane basi

itslatimare: Kitambo ulikuwa na shingo mrefu bro 😂 enyewe pesa ni sabuni ya roho 🙌

suensue23: 😀😀😀 uyu ndo mbebe …utaniua🔥

willysokello: Si muoane tu, friendship gani ina last forte ears 😟

The mother of one used is remembered for her anti-jiggers campaign. She started the program to help the less fortunate in the society especially women and children.

In her program, some of the aims included; undertaking healthcare programs in communities, providing technological solutions among the youth and advocating for basic knowledge in health and hygiene issues through projects alongside other stakeholders.

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