VIDEO: Police Officer Humbles Rioting Egerton Students With Angry Rant

A police officer, who was among troops deployed to manage the violent situation that ensued after students at Egerton University went on a rampage on Sunday and Monday, has shed positive light on the police force, after a video of him lecturing rowdy students went viral.

In the video, the unidentified officer is seen talking to two students, who had been apprehended during the riots, expressing his dissapointment on behalt of the young mens’ parents.

According to the policeman and his colleagues, the students were taking the government’s commitment to helping them complete their studies, through Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) sponsorships, for granted.

Police enforce order at Egerton

“Serikali inamaliza pesa ya kulipa HELB, watu hawataki kusoma (The government is overspending on HELB, yet students do not want to commit to their studies,) the officer is heard saying.

His sentiments are echoed by his fellow law-enforcers, who note that the HELB program is almost dead.

He adds that some of the students causing skirmishes come from needy families, with their parents struggling to raise funds for their university upkeep, only for them (the students) to engage in wasteful activities in campus.

“Kuna mwingine baba yake sasa anahangaika kutafuta ile pesa umeharibu (Some parents are really struggling to raise the funds that you are wasting here),” continued the officer, who is seen armed with a large cane and a teargas cannister.

Contrary to the reputation of brutality against university students that the police force has amassed over the years, the officer calmly directs the students to get up on their feet and walk by themselves, saying that the law does not allow for their mishandling.

Siku hizi unajua hatupigi, tunastaki (Nowadays students are not beaten up, rather, arraigned),” the agitated officer continues.

Despite his sober demeanor, some of his colleagues were reported to have brutalized Egerton students during the strike.

According to Egerton’s Vice Chancellor, the damage incurred during the two-day riots currently stands at Ksh232 million, which will be repaid by the students.

Some members of staff were also reported injured.

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