Photos of The Posh School Kate Actress Pays Close To a Million for Form 1 Son

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Popular Mother in law actress Kate actress and her hubby Phil Karanja have clearly been doing well for themselves judging from the prestigious school they are enrolling their son in.

Taking to her Instagram, Kate actress showed off the posh school she chose for her son saying, “Balancing emotions today, one is leaving, the other one just arrived 😩! Motherhood is a beautiful emotional roller coaster.”

Kate Actress and her kids.

Nova Pioneer consists of a number of schools with the first one built in South Africa in 2014. Their first school in Kenya was launched in 2015. The primary school is built in Athi River, while the secondary schools are situated in Tatu City.

Check out the fee structure detailing the hundreds of thousands of shillings that the Karanja’s spend annually on their child.

In case you’re wondering how the school looks inside, it’s gorgeous. They truly get their money’s worth as the students get individual attention from their teachers to align them to their success. They have two teachers in any given class for this particular reason.

Some extracurricular activities the students get into include football, rugby, lawn tennis and swimming. Check out photos of the beautiful school below:

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