Diamond Sister’s Unexpected Message to Women Sending Husband Nude Photos

Queen Darlene and her husband Isihaka Mtoro (Instagram)

Diamond’s sister Queen Darlene wed the love of her life on a Monday in December 2019. The lucky man was none other than businessman Isihaka Mtoro who took her as a second wife.

About a month after her wedding the ‘Kijuso’ singer opened up about married life. This was during a series of interviews with journalists during the launch of her husband’s business Is-bah Bumpers.

Darlene talked about being the second wife and how thirsty women have been blowing up her husband’s DM since she announced that they got married.

Queen Darlene and her husband Isihaka Mtoro (Instagram)

The singer revealed that girls have been sending him sexy and nude photos in a bid to get him to love them. 

Queen revealed that she is okay with her husband marrying other wives but she advised these women to behave in a less desperate manner in order to be considered wife material.

While most women would be pissed off that strangers are sending her husband nudes, Queen Darlene had an unexpected response to all this. She sarcastically advised the interested women on how to best dress to attract her husband.

“Nyi mnao DM, jitahidini basi. Mkiwa na DM picha zenyu mnarekebisha, mnavaa kidogo sababu bwana wangu anapenda wanawake wanaojisitiri. Mnakaa mmejibenua matako juu, sasa ndiyo nini? Hata huonekani kama wewe ni wife material. Waangalie na mazingira, kama umejibenua, mara mapombe, mara ma nini jitengeneze,” she said on Bongo 5 TV.

Despite the challenges that have come with posting her husband, Darlene has maintained that she will still post photos of him.

“Siwezi kupunguza. Ni mme wangu nina haki naye. Nikiamua kupost nitapost, nisipoamua pia sipost. Hayo ni maamuzi yangu,” she explained.

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