Miguna Explains Why He Calls People Zombie, Despots & Conman

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Miguna Miguna

Exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna has explained why he uses the terms, ‘zombie’, ‘despots’ and ‘conman’ so often.

While taking to his Twitter account, the firebrand online activist revealed that the words were not meant to insult anyone but rather uses them as basic English words that have meaning.

“A despot: “a ruler who holds absolute power, typically one who exercises it in a cruel or oppressive way,” he explained.

“A conman: “a man who cheats or tricks someone by gaining their trust and persuading them to believe something that is not true,” he added.

Miguna, who has been under fire for his excessive use of the word “zombie” to critic anyone who had a contrary opinion to his, explained that he uses the term to mean ‘a person who is apathetic, or totally lacking in independent thought and/or judgment. One who acts like a robot…’.

The controversial politician, who was expected back in the country on January 7 after his two-year exile in Canada, dared anyone who didn’t want to be referred to as a “despot” or a “conman” to start by obeying and respecting the Rule of Law and upholding the constitution.

“These are basic English WORDS that have meaning. They are not INSULTS. If anyone does not want to be referred to as a “despot” or a “conman,” the easiest way out is for him/her to start by OBEYING ALL COURT ORDERS and RESPECTING the Rule of Law and UPHOLDING the CONSTITUTION,” he said.

Miguna Miguna attends the Presseball Berlin at Maritim Hotel on Saturday, January 11
Miguna during the Presseball Berlin at Maritim Hotel on Saturday, January 11

The Self-styled National Resistance Movement (NRM) also dared Deputy President William Ruto to decide whether he supports the Rule of Law and the obedience of all court orders while bashing him for blaming Chief Justice David Maraga.


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