Kenyans Lash Out at Murathe over Proposed PM Post

Former Jubilee party Vice-chairman David Murathe’s remarks that President Uhuru Kenyatta might remain in power, but in a different capacity, after the expiry of his presidential term in 2022 on Monday elicited fierce reactions from Kenyans.

Speaking to Nation on Sunday, Murathe rekindled the talk of President Kenyatta going nowhere after the expiry of his 10-year term.

This did not go well with most Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) who expressed their opinions and concerns with some accusing Murathe of being hypocritical.

According to netizens, President Kenyatta should be left alone to retire with dignity like Kibaki who up to date we still celebrate his achievements.

Some dismissed Murathe’s remarks saying that he should stop tarnishing President Kenyatta’s name by putting him in the league of Mugabe who had to be overthrown by the Army.

Here are some of the reactions;

According to Murathe, the President will be free to vie for any post and could even claim the proposed post of Prime Minister once the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report is implemented.

He asserted that President Kenyatta will still remain the party leader of Jubilee come 2022 daring anyone who wants to challenge him as party leader to come out.

On matters of corruption, Murathe supported the proposal by the party’s secretary-general Raphael Tuju on blocking leaders accused of corruption from vying.

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