Jalang’o Blasts Popular Blogger for Exposing Cheating Allegations

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Radio presenter Jalang’o is a very furious man this Sunday afternoon after popular blogger Edgar Obare exposed him for allegedly cheating on his new beautiful wife.

Jalang’o married his stunning wife just two months ago and the new expose has gotten many by surprise. Edgar is known as the tea master in the Kenyan entertainment scene as he always exposes celebrities and their secret lives.

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His investigation into Jalang’o was prompted by a netizen who sent him a message urging him to look into his affair with a girl named Immaculate Karanja.

After exposing the few times the two were allegedly together, dating back to May up to as soon as yesterday, Jalang’o had words for the blogger.


Edgar was first accosted by a relative of Jalang’o who claimed Jalang’o had said he would sue him.

Later, after seeing Edgar wasn’t budging, Jalang’o wrote a cryptic message on his Instagram targetting Edgar.

“He thinks he can just quote me like that, a poor, unemployed Kenyan!” wrote Jalang’o.

“Sisi tuko kazi. Hizo zingine ni siasa. Hii kitu haitaki makasiriko,” he added.


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