Kenyans Unite Behind Mwende Mwinzi’s Dual Citizenship Saga

Kenyans are known to influence or turn the tide for prominent people in crucial situations.

The Embattled Mwende Mwinzi hit the headlines once more after parliament gave the verdict on her dual citizenship case.

In a twist of events, netizens rallied behind the troubled Mwinzi calling for the Members of Parliament to stop being hypocritical.

Mwende Mwinzi
Mwende Mwinzi [Photo, Courtesy]
The citizens alleged that lawmakers who held two citizenships were not persecuted in the manner the lady was being treated.

Through the hashtag #MwendeMwinzi on Twitter, Kenyans called for the end of the witch hunt against the American citizen.

Here are some of the reactions:

Stop harassing Mwende Mwinzi

Koech Emmanuel remarked that the court ruled in Mwinzi’s favour thus the leaders should respect the verdict.

Another netizen identified as Karuthe stated that, “I find the treatment of #MwendeMwinzi by some of our MPs extremely disturbing and dubious.

“The whole debate around whether she qualifies to be Kenya’s ambassador has cast her as a criminal and reduced her to being less Kenyan than everyone else.”

Abraham Mutai commented that, “This case of #MwendeMwinzi is not unique. Ambassador Yovanovitch, former US ambassador to Ukraine, born in Canada, migrated to the US with her parents. She has served as an ambassador 3 times, twice under G.W. Bush and once under Obama. Na sisi ni kelele!”

Kinoti Joseph expressed that, “We are aware that political factions have been seeking to have their “person” in such lucrative missions. South Korea is a coveted station that requires someone who will not give in to grand corruption schemes. #MwendeMwinzi is the best person for this and the President knows it.”

Ben Kairu that, “It is retrogressive to deny Mwende a chance to serve her country yet our constitution supports dual citizenship. It is also retrogressive to believe that Africans who have lived, studied or worked in the West have the monopoly of skills and knowledge. #MwendeMwinzi

A section of other netizens, however, opposed the idea of the Kenyan-American wielding such status.

Duale’s dual citizenship

The citizens challenged that such a scenario should be treated in the manner Majority Leader of Parliament Aden Duale’s one was handled.

It was further highlighted that in the event the lady is forced to revoke her American citizenship, Duale should hence follow suit.

On Wednesday, the National Assembly committee on implementation rejected the troubled Mwinzi’s nomination as the Ambassador of Kenya to South Korea.

The committee led by Narok North MP Moitalel Ole Kenta proposed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to choose another person.

Ole Kenta reiterated that her approval will only be done when she renounces her foreign citizenship.

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